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Monday, December 21, 2015

Who Built the Stable?: A Nativity Poem

Who Built the Stable?: A Nativity Poem by Ashley Bryan (Atheneum, 2012).

I was interested to read this book because I love Ashley Bryan's colorful illustrations.  I'm not religious so I was curious to see how he portrayed this nativity story.  This poem asks "Who built the stable where the Baby Jesus lay?... Was it made by human hands, was it built by God?" The answer Bryan gives is that "A child built the stable, a little shepherd boy."  This little shepherd boy shelters Mary and Joseph so that they can have their baby. In the end, the boy looks in the baby's eyes and knows in his heart that he will be a carpenter, and a shepherd, too.  A great nativity story and beautifully illustrated.

I was surprised to learn that Ashley Bryan is 92 years old now.  He has a great website here

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