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Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Cinnamon Baby

Cinnamon Baby by Nicole Winstanley, illustrated by Janice Nadeau (Kids Can Press, 2011)

This is a really cute book about a woman named Miriam who owns a bakery and makes wonderful breads, her speciality being cinnamon bread.  When Sebastian tries her bread, he ends up buying it every day for a year, then asking Miriam to marry him. Soon they have a baby who is the most beautiful and sweet smelling baby.  However, soon the baby starts to cry and won't stop.  The parents don't know what to do, until Miriam has the idea to bake her cinnamon bread, the smell of which causes the baby to stop crying and smile and fall asleep.  Apparently the story was inspired by the author's daughter, who was soothed to sleep by the smell of cinnamon when she was a baby.  

The illustrations are fun and sweet, and of course I love that they feature a multiracial family.


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