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Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Animal Boogie

I received a free copy of The Animal Boogie from Barefoot Books, which is a great children's book publishing company with a focus on multicultural and diverse titles.  The reason I received it for free was because it was part of an information pack about how to be an Ambassador (affiliate marketer) for them.  It looks like a great opportunity, especially for people involved in schools or other children's areas. 

It was fun for me to discover that this book's text is a song by Fred Penner, whose show Penner's Place I grew up watching in the early 90s on Nickelodeon.  Below is a video of the intro.


Animal Boogie is a fun, brightly colored book illustrated by Debbie Harter. It also comes with a CD of an animated video of the book with Fred Penner singing along. There is also a version with the music but no vocals so that you can sing along karaoke-style.  I think kids would really enjoy this book.

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