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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Kids respond to white washing on book covers

Lee & Low (a wonderful publisher of multicultural children's books) has a very interesting blog post about how kids perceive white washing of book covers. 

Some reactions from the kids:
  • “It was sickening to look at all the stereotypes, the assumptions.”
  • “I think I was on the girls’ side of the bookshelf, but even so, that just shows that Barnes & Noble separates their books by gender.”
  • “I know that kids’ minds aren’t developed enough to understand these issues, but as they grow up, I hope they realize how serious this issue really is. People have the right to like any color they want and be anything they want to be.”
  • “Society is almost afraid of putting a dark-skinned or Asian character on the cover of a book. I feel like these are minor forms of segregation.”
  • “I didn’t see a book with a biracial main character . . . it is not fair in any way.”
  • “In the chapter book section, I saw that most of the books that had non-Caucasian characters didn’t have that character on the cover.
  • “On the covers, I saw thin, pretty girls. I didn’t see any overweight girls or anyone with acne. I think that these covers shape an idea of perfect in a girl’s mind, and make them want to be like that, even though everyone was born perfect.”

Read the full post here.

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